3 Simple Steps

To Stop Undercharging

And dare to Charge Premium Prices
(With Confidence and Integrity)

In this webinar meeting you´ll discover:

  • What you need to charge Premium Prices.
  • The only 2 key elements your offering needs to charge high-end fees.
  • One simple & instant way to start building those 2 key elements and start charging higher prices.
International Business Coach & Mentor

Rosa Jakobs

International Business
Coach & Mentor

I employ only proven methods that have already helped hundreds of coaches, consultants and nutritionists all over the world.
I help my clients to show up authentically, stop undercharging their expertise and services, and own their truest value.  
"Rosa is a very gifted mentor who not only takes you through a proven pricing process to 'charge what you are worth', she helps you feel and internalize the transformation which anchors the process to your soul. If you are a service provider who wants to increase your prices, Rosa can help you do that!"
Susan Gilbert
Online Marketing Strategist, Bestselling Author