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July 11th at 2 pm EST (8pm CEST)

  Learn the imperatives to
calculate, increase & communicate your fees with grace & ease
without feeling awkward in your next sales conversation.

In this Free Webinar you’ll discover:

👉 The one thing that takes less than three minutes, but will increase the income you receive in your bank account every single month, dramatically.

👉The big mystery behind increasing your fees, and why this knowledge is crucial to get people to pay you with a smile, and how not knowing this can make all your sales fall flat.

👉The one mistake that’s blocking your income level, and how others are using this very thing, to book new clients at higher fees, and grow their business so they can pay for their next vacation.

International Business Coach & Mentor

Your host:  Rosa Jakobs

Rosa’s family background arouses in her a desire to be an entrepreneur from a young age. Rosa found her calling in helping entrepreneurs around the world to embrace authenticity, create high-value programs & services and charge high-value fees. She employs only proven methods that have helped already hundreds of coaches, consultants and experts all over the world.