"In vain have you acquired knowledge if you have not imparted it to others." -Deuteronomy Rabbah

For years, I've contributed as a speaker & leading workshops, and would be happy to participate in your event as a speaker and/or workshop leader. Some of my latest topics presented include:

5 Secrets – Experts Charging Premium Prices Know and you Don't:
How to Stop Undercharging and Dare to Charge Premium Prices
(with Confidence and Integrity)
Are you Getting the Wrong or no Clients at All?
3 Secrets to Stand Out against the Competition and Get More Clients.
3 Secrets to Built a Successful Brand, Authentically
Based on Your Gifts and Talents

Expertise Topics

Available in English, German & Spanish

# Charging Premium Prices
# Monetizing Gifts and Talents
# High End Clients
# Authentic Branding

Business Bio

Rosa Jakobs, international business coach & mentor, decided after a decade of working employed, to embrace her dreams and unique skills and start her entrepreneurship journey.

Rosa holds a marketing degree, and has several specializations in online marketing. She has cross-industry experience in international markets and 11 years corporate experience as a marketing & sales director and previously as a marketing manager.

Her clients define Rosa Jakobs as a strategist, combining an invaluable mix of analytical and creative skills she leads the way with a vision of the future; structured, intuitive and transparent.

Observing her client’s situations Rosa can assess quickly what needs to change and is able to find the most effective path towards the goal. She has a minimalistic communication style, using listening and creativity with clients and business partners, both appreciating her loyalty and commitment.

Offering thoughtful advice, she is discreet, well- informed and consistently offers new ideas, so her clients can show up authentically and increase their business income at the same time, keeping them accountable and focused on the end goal.

Rosa has been a speaker and leading workshops for years. Contact Rosa today, if you want to inspire your audience to break old habits, to tweak conventional rules and to choose their authentic personal and yet unexplored business path.

Presentation Topic Ideas:

✔ How to monetize your gifts and talents in your most profitable actions
✔ Building a brand authentically
✔ How to skyrocket your clients' results and your revenues
✔ 3 essential elements for successful self-marketing

Performing as a cross-industry speaker and workshop leader in:

London & Slough
United Kingdom

Stuttgart & Bonn,


Mexico City,

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