Dare to Charge More

A powerful tool to discover the high value of your services.  Use this simple worksheet 

to up-level your confidence, it’s time that you dare to charge more. 

Worksheet I Dare to Charge More

In just 15 minutes you will:

👉 Understand the high-value you are already giving to your clients.

👉 Be guided through a sample process to evaluate your current fees so that you dare to charge more.

✨ This is the exact exercise I do with my premium clients  ✨

Worksheet I Double your fees
"Rosa has helped me a lot to upgrade my pricing and to take it to a premium level. I feel very confident about my new pricing after doing this work with her. I felt Rosa was gently yet firmly guiding me through this process, which surprisingly created a completely new reality for me. At the end of the process I couldn’t go back to my former pricing state! I now feel empowered, radiant and confident about my new pricing, in a way that also feels authentic and respectful of my clients. Thanks so much Rosa!
Maria Arredondo, Spain
Success Coach Member of the Faculty of
"The Coaches Training Institute"
„The best thing about Business Coach Rosa Jakobs is her sincere desire to see her clients do well. Like all Top Coaches, Rosa is both able and willing to meet you, the client, where you are. With a firm and determined hand, she avails her many tools, knowledge and "people smart" insights to guide you toward your goal. Rosa is blessed with good humor so that sessions are both fun and revealing while solid work has invariably been accomplished and you know the next steps. I highly recommend Rosa Jakobs for Business Coaching.“
Brenda Nielsen
Copenhagen, Denmark