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Short Media Bio

International Business Coach & Mentor. Rosa’s family background arouses in her a desire to be an entrepreneur from a young age. Rosa found her calling in helping entrepreneurs around the world to embrace authenticity, stop undercharging their services and expertise and own their truest value. She employs only proven methods that have helped already hundreds of coaches, consultants and experts all over the world.

Interview Topic Ideas

How experts can charge high-end prices

Only 2 key elements are needed in order to charge premium prices. Rosa can reveal them to your audience.

Secrets experts charging premium prices know

Charging premium prices is both a science and an art. Rosa has learnt to master them and will share her best secrets with your community.

Branding authentically

Rosa was a marketing and branding expert years before starting her entrepreneurial career. This expertise did not help her much branding herself, she had to learn from scratch to create a personal brand authentically. She will be happy to share her most business changing tool with you and your fans.

What experts need to dare to present themselves authentically in their business

Often experts follow business trends and forget to be authentic on the way. This could have fatal implications in their business'. Rosa has a deep-rooted passion for helping experts to dare to present themselves authentically as a result they are more magnetic to clients and have a deeper fulfillment feeling in their business. Your admirers will definitely love this input!

Why so many coaches and consultants undercharge and over-deliver? Why and how to stop it?

This is a huge topic and the core of Rosa's work. She will be happy to share 1 powerful and easy exercise how your community can stop undercharging.

How can experts reach deep fulfillment, freedom & authenticity in their business?

The core of Rosa’s philosophy is that it is possible to thrive in business & live. She can share her best tips with you and your listeners (or readers) on how to reach deep fulfillment, freedom and authenticity.

Rosa is also available for cooperations and open to participate in your online congress.

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