If you want to take the shortest route to your dream goals instead of wondering around in circles, speed up results and save you months if not years in your business journey, its crucial to keep yourself accountable through a coach or mentor.

Your Truest Value

In this Intensive VIP Program, you will first create a ‘High-Value Package’ then I will coach you through my ‘Dare to Charge Your Real Value’ process so that you step out and charge what you are worth, and get it.

Every business has the opportunity to offer high value packages and the benefits are huge – you serve clients who truly desire what you have to offer, while you work fewer hours for significantly more income. Increasing your value boosts your credibility and reputation too.

If you struggle with how much to charge and how to confidently talk about your fees, you are not alone. I’ll coach you to clear out feelings of unworthiness, plus give you practical tools so you can charge what you’re worth and discuss your fees like a pro.

Your Brand Archetypes

There’s a unique part of you that many business owners mistakenly believe they must hold back. Working together, you’ll discover your Brand Archetype, which unlocks the powerful, instantly recognizable presence within you that’s a client-attraction and opportunity magnet.

You will find priceless discovering and working on your Brand Archetypes if:
- you find it difficult to express your message with clarity
- people don´t really understand what you do
- you over-deliver and undercharge your services
- you are an entrepreneur and a creative and you have way too many ideas and find it difficult to stick to only one project
- you are attracting ‘difficult’ clients
- you don´t have enough clients
- you find it challenging to create a personal brand
- you are an introvert and are committed to have a successful business

"How to Increase Income in your Business"
Breakthrough Session

This is a 50 minutes strategic session where we speak about your current income situation and your goals. We co-create a plan with simple steps for you to follow to reach your goal. I will provide you guidance of how you can reach where you want to be and let you know if and how I can further support you in your journey.

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„The best thing about Business Coach Rosa Jakobs is her sincere desire to see her clients do well. Like all Top Coaches, Rosa is both able and willing to meet you, the client, where you are. With a firm and determined hand, she avails her many tools, knowledge and "people smart" insights to guide you toward your goal. Rosa is blessed with good humor so that sessions are both fun and revealing while solid work has invariably been accomplished and you know the next steps. I highly recommend Rosa Jakobs for Business Coaching.
Brenda Nielsen – Copenhagen, Denmark

"I had a great experience with Rosa on pricing and how to charge what you are worth. She has a lovely calm presence and this combined very well with the valuable exercises she led me through. I got several insights and one amazing one! Thank you Rosa".  
Alison Haill, UK
Global Leadership Communication Expert and Coach

"I worked with Rosa on getting clear on my pricing. She took me through an exercise in such a gentle and supportive manner. It was such a powerful coaching experience and enabled me to gain clarity and confidence in what I was doing and made such sense to me. When I became muddled in my thinking, Rosa gently led me back on course with some simple but powerful questioning. If you are looking for a business coach to support and develop you, I cannot recommend Rosa highly enough! Thank you Rosa" 
Karen, Hertfordshire, UK
Life Coaching