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3 Steps to Boost the Value of Your Services

So You Can Charge What You Service is Worth There can be a lot of drama around pricing when you’re in business – especially as a woman. In many cases, women feel as though they need to charge less than their male counterparts in order to get the sales they need to continue serving. Unfortunately, this means more work for

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Increase Your Rates with Confidence

The D.I.A.M.O.N.D. Framework You know that your services are worth more than what you are charging now but increasing your rates is intimidating and confusing.   What should I charge?  What’s the going rate?  How much is this worth?  When should I charge more?  How do I justify a price increase? What will people pay? Charging higher prices is not just

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Worksheet I Dare to Charge More

In just 15 minutes you will:

👉 Understand the high-value you are already giving to your clients.

👉 Be guided through a sample process to evaluate your current fees so that you dare to charge more.

✨ This is the exact exercise I do with my premium clients  ✨