Do you have happy clients and regular income but
still not achieving the financial goals your set?

Are you wanting to reach your goal but not sure how because
your already at a capacity offering your best support?

Do you want to increase your revenue and
perceived value with confidence and integrity?

I am Rosa Jakobs, Certified Business Coach and Mentor.
I empower entrepreneurs to stop undercharging their
expertise and services; and own their truest value.

Last 2018, I celebrated 10 years entrepreneurship. During this time, I have learnt what makes us thrive in business and life is a need to stand in our power; to really know and accept ourselves, and be crystal clear on our gifts and talents. Then actually own them.

I will help and guide you take these unique talents and gifts and then apply them to your business, authentically.

I help my clients whose business is coaching, nutrition or consultancy create high-end programs or packages where they deliver huge value, so that they can stop undercharging with confidence and integrity.

They can then work with a small number of clients instead of over-stretching to generate more income, support them on their journeys with the same passion and energy, achieving better results all around.

In turn building their credibility and reaching that financial goal and freedom in their business and personal life.


Through my programs, online and offline, workshops and virtual VIP days; I help you with action and results oriented coaching. I provide you with only the most relevant, impactful materials and coaching for you and your business. These have been used and proven to bring results by hundreds of coaches and consultants.

If you are interested in discovering how to position yourself honouring your gifts and talents and how to leverage those talents on your most lucrative actions, click here and download the assessment.
Dare to charge for the real value you deliver.

A super powerful tool to help you realize the true value of your experience
and your services so that you dare to charge higher prices and
someday probably even premium prices.
(with Confidence and Integrity)
"Rosa has helped me a lot to upgrade my pricing and to take it to a premium level. I feel very confident about my new pricing after doing this work with her. I felt Rosa was gently yet firmly guiding me through this process, which surprisingly created a completely new reality for me.  At the end of the process I couldn’t go back to my former pricing state! I now feel empowered, radiant and confident about my new pricing, in a way that also feels authentic and respectful of my clients. Thanks so much Rosa!"
Maria Arredondo, Spain – Success Coach
Faculty Member of the Coaches Training Institute

Let's get more personal

Born in Mexico City with business owners in the family and entrepreneurship in my blood, I started my first business when I was 14, a jewelry business which gave me enough money to finance my first trip, 6 incredible weeks in Europe. I then returned and went on to study and receive a degree with honors in Marketing at university.

During my studies I also spent 9 months in Canada studying International Marketing. After this incredible time in Canada I ended up in Germany doing an internship before I was offered a role to stay with the consultancy company. All without speaking a word of German when I arrived. A skip and a jump, met my husband and the rest is history as I have now been living almost 18 years in Germany!

After 11 years working employed, I decide to start my entrepreneurship journey. With my background I knew this was the path I always wanted to follow. I wanted the life and lifestyle I knew I could have. For me lifestyle means having time freedom and abundance to do what I want, authentically.

My goal is to have comfort in all aspects of my personal life, I might fly first class when possible, but I love little independent coffee shops and sneakers. I also try to be sensitive about the use of resources in my life and mindful of the footprint we leave behind. Our dreams and perceptions of comfort are different, and I respect Louboutin’s might be your thing but our diverse natures to explore are what light me up.

On my journey I have learnt I am quiet reserved person, sometimes even introvert. This is not an impediment though to follow the entrepreneurial path and to reach dreams and goals.

I respect honesty and vulnerability, supporting people to show their truest authentic self.

Get in contact as I would love to get to know you better, what drives you and lights you up? What your background is and your goals and dreams for your future? Let’s see together how you can achieve these and your true potential both personally and financially.