Welcome to my virtual home and thanks for popping up here.

I am Rosa Jakobs, trilingual (English, German & Spanish) business coach and mentor with more than 12 years experience running my own business.

My superpower is helping female entrepreneurs to charge more without guilt, feeling completely confident about their new fees, knowing they won't compromise their integrity.

When we work together, I use my comprehensive skills of business coaching, mentoring combined with energy work. I draw upon my two decades of expertise creating, marketing and selling high-value offers, to help my already successful clients to make and keep more money so that they can have a more profound impact.

But how did I end up here?
From Mexico to Canada and ended up in Germany.

Born in Mexico City with business owners in the family and entrepreneurship in my blood.

When I was 14, I started my own first business. A jewelry business which gave me enough money to finance my first trip, 6 incredible weeks in Europe.

I have been selling all my life in the family business’ from sneakers, cosmetics, clothes, handcraft, toys to prefab houses,.. all of them before I turned 18.

I went on to study and receive a degree with honors in Marketing at an elite university.

During my studies I also spent 9 months in Canada studying International Marketing. After this incredible time in Canada I ended up in Germany doing an internship.

After one month in that internship I was offered a role to stay with the consultancy company. All without speaking a word of German when I arrived.

A skip and a jump, met my husband and the rest is history as I have now been living over 20 years in Germany!


Starting my business

After 11 years employed, responsible for sales and marketing for a boutique consultancy company, I decided to start my entrepreneurship journey, seeking more flexibility for our family.

With my background I knew this was the path I always wanted to follow. I wanted the life and lifestyle I knew I could have. For me, lifestyle means having time, freedom and abundance to do what I want, whenever I want as I consider myself a free spirit.

But you know what? At the beginning I struggled, a LOT.

It seemed that all the expertise I had about running successful businesses was worth nothing when my service was ‘the product’. I would shy away from asking for the sale. I was working way too much for the money that was coming in.

I struggled with guilt. When I was working, I felt guilty because I thought I should be with my kids. When I was with my kids I felt guilty, feeling that I needed to work more and harder.

My story is not the one of someone that struggled to pay the monthly bills. I have always had more than enough, and I am so grateful for that.

BUT, the right marketing strategies were not enough to have the success I craved.

I had to believe that my services were worth what I wanted to charge and that it was ok to have a wildly successful business.

Sometimes it was really frustrating, knowing inside that I was meant for something bigger but not allowing myself to achieve it.

I made it my mission to understand the missing piece which as I discovered was my beliefs about money.

I am sure that you have heard that having your own business is the best self development journey. It really is. I am proof of that.

Using my experience, education and insights, I have developed The DIAMOND Framework to help my clients step up in their next success level and feel deserving of charging more and having all what they want in business and in their lives.

The big goal is to contribute to the reduction of the gender pay gap.

Clients who get the most profound effect from working with me…

💎 Have an established business and want to charge more.

💎 Want to completely pivot to a high-value business model.

💎 Want to integrate a high-value offer in your business.

Find out more about how to work with me here.

"Rosa has helped me a lot to upgrade my pricing and to take it to a premium level. I feel very confident about my new pricing after doing this work with her. I felt Rosa was gently yet firmly guiding me through this process, which surprisingly created a completely new reality for me.  At the end of the process I couldn’t go back to my former pricing state! I now feel empowered, radiant and confident about my new pricing, in a way that also feels authentic and respectful of my clients. Thanks so much Rosa!"
Maria Arredondo, Spain – Success Coach
Faculty Member of the Coaches Training Institute